The Red House - feature

The Red House - Feature

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“When Lee (Lee Stuart) met Jia (Meng Jia) 20 years ago they barely understood a word of each other’s languages. Now duty calls Jia back to her distant homeland and her aged parents, who still live in the tiny apartment she grew up in, deep within a city that’s changed many times over since she left. We travel with the couple between the world of his island, this city of hers, and the world they have made together – their red house in the bush, crammed full of books and mementoes." - Bill Gosden (shortened version) The Red House is the first feature film of Director Alyx Duncan who has cast her parents in the two lead roles."


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Bill Gosden, 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival


Winner of Best Self Funded Film, NZ Film Awards 2012

“Is home the place you are from, or what you carry inside you wherever you go?”

The Red House is an intimately observed drama of change in the lives of a deeply attached couple in their 60s.

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Playing Favourite on National Radio with Kim Hill

"One of the most contemporary and forward-thinking cinematic achievements yet from a New Zealand filmmaker" - Steve Garden, Lumiere Reader

"The limpid evocation of existential mysteries that director Alyx Duncan achieves is a thing of quiet wonder.” - Bill Gosden, NZIFF

“Quiet audacity is expressed through Duncan’s willingness to embrace the possibilities of imagination while not settling for the actuality of her parents’ situation” – Tim Wong, The Lumière Reader

"An assured dramatic debut and a film of striking formal sophistication" *** 1/2 Stars - Peter Calder, NZ Herald Time Out

 "A magnificent first feature... Impressively affecting in its purity and simplicity." **** Stars - Sarah Watt, Sunday Star Times

"Deep but unflinchingly real... A beautiful love story" **** Stars - Sarah McMullan, Radio New Zealand Afternoons with Jim Mora

"Her exquisite aesthetic sensibility is on show in The Red House." - Peter Calder, NZ Herald

"A small, eloquent, and entirely refreshing tale. Celebrate it." **** Stars - Graeme Tuckett, The Dominion Post

" Reflective, thouhtful and beautifully shot." *** 1/2 - Darren Bevan, TVNZ One News

"The Red House is not just one of the best films about cross-cultural romances I’ve seen in a while, it’s also one of the most deeply romantic - period. " **** Stars - Aaron Yap,

" beautiful love story." **** 1/2 Stars - Doug Dillaman, Letterboxd

"Damn, this is the best NZ film I've seen in a while." **** Stars - Jacob Powell, Letterboxd

"A small, eloquent, and entirely refreshing tale. Celebrate it." **** Stars - Graeme Tuckett, Radio New Zealand Nine till Noon

TV3 News Interview with Adrien Taylor

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"Visually captivating"
- Brigid Bisley's review for Screen Hub



CAST Lee Stuart, Meng Jia Stuart
DIRECTOR Alyx Duncan
PRODUCER Alyx Duncan
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Francisco Rodriguez, Chris Pryor, Aline Tran
EDITOR Daniel Strang

FUNDED WITH SUPPORT FROM The Screen Innovation Production Fund & Independant FIlm Fund (IFF) - partnerships between Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission. Asia NZ & Theatre in Motion.