The Red House - feature
 Appetite - short
The Chairs - oneshot short
Dark Tourists - doco
Pandora - short film
Fuji - music
Home Coming - tvc
Artists work with Glass in New Zealand- doco
Except You - music
Timeless - doco
Union - short
The Picnic - short
Kahurangi - dance film
Small War - dance
Passage - dance
A Year of Love - dance
Urge - dance


Alyx is involved with producing|creating a range of works from short film, music video, dance film, live dance performance, theatre, TVC to documentary and feature film.

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The Red House - feature - Winner of Best Self Funded Film, NZ Film Awards 2012 “Is home the place you are from, or what you carry inside you wherever you go?” The Red House is an intimately observed drama of change in the lives of a deeply attached couple in their 60s.


Appetite - short - Creation myth meets contemporary consumption in a downtown sushi bar. 16 minutes, 2010director | producer


The Chairs - oneshot short - 20 minute one-shot excerpt from Eugene Ionesco’s play. MTA project. 2008role: director | co-producer
Dark Tourists - doco - 7min 20secs documentary of dance theatre production Dark Tourists. Made for TVNZ arts program The Gravy. 2008director
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Pandora - short film - Dance film, 8mins. Based on the Greek myth 'Pandora's Box'. 2005director | choreographer
Fuji - music - Music video for New Zealand band Minuit. 2005director
Home Coming - tvc - TVC for Cavalier Bremworth Carpet, produced by Automatic Films. 2005director


Artists work with Glass in New Zealand- doco - 18-minute documentary about glass artists working in New Zealand. 2005cinematographer
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2004 continued

Except You - music - A carnival styled music video for New Zealand band Minuit. 2004director


Timeless - doco - Six minute dance/documentary video commissioned by mixed ability company Touch Compass Dance Trust. 2003director
Union - short - Dance video about a one-legged man who has a three-legged dog. Commissioned by Touch Compass Dance Trust. 2003director
The Picnic - short - Six minute dance video narrative about a fairy tale picnic,  commissioned by mixed ability dance company Touch Compass Dance Trust. 2003director
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2003 continued

Kahurangi - dance film - Environmental videodance directed/produced by The Body Cartography Project on Mount Wharepapa, Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand. 2003assistant director | camera | performer | co-editor
Small War - dance - Videodance work choreographed and produced by Malia Johnston. 2003director | editor
Passage - dance - Cinematic version of the dance piece ‘Midnight's Laughter’. 2003director | co-editor | co-choreographer | performer


A Year of Love - dance - 4 minute film collaboration with choreographer Vicky Kapo. Made for her premier of Difficult Company. 2002director | editor | cinematography
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Urge - dance - A one shot videodance work for one performer. 1998director