Kahurangi Body Cartography Project

Kahurangi Body Cartography Project

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A dance film shot in Kuhurangi National Park, New Zealand.

Concept Outline

Wharepapa's limestone rockstone rockscape, sinkholes, ceaseless wind, snow and grasslands engage us in a physical and sensorial journey. The dancers are at once animal and everyday people, becoming the mountain's weather's weather, revealing and transforming each crevicem tussock, tarn and boulder.


DIRECTORS Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstead
PRODUCERS The Body Cartography Project
PERFORMERS Wilhemeena Gordon, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstead, Alyx Duncan, Jade Dewi Tyaas Tungagaal, Gabby Deighton, Levity Beet, Monsieur Escargot, Fiona Gillespie, Mike Baker, Peter Shu.