Midnight's Laughter

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co-choreographer | performer


Environmental duet co-choreographed with Maria Dabrowska incorporating a live jazz band. Premiered for the Wellington Fringe Festival.

Concept Outline

In the end all you have is a bunch of memories,
your sack of flesh, and the rest is nothing.

Along a moldy corridor, two old men at the end of their days
creep across the floor as their histories dissipate behind them.

Bound and gagged with fairy lights, a stillborn soul awakens. Torch-lit musicians bellow out ‘old school’ sounds, and together we waltz toward the dawn.

Artist Statement

This dance was inspired by lyrics of the song: ‘Strange Fruit’ written by Lewis Allen/Abel Meeropol in 1938. Through joyful frivolity, black humor and gentle lyricism we weave our stories.

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MUSICIANS Dave Guilian, Nigel Braddock, Katherine Van Beek
SOUND MIX Paddy Free