The Garden

director choreographer


Environmental work - created for 13 performers utilising burning branches, stilts, mask work and butoh imagery. Presented at Corban Estate as part of Scratch 'n Sniff Dance Shorts, Tempo dance festival.

Concept Outline

Part of Scratch and Sniff Dance Shorts II, in Association with TEMPOº, The Auckland Dance Festival.


Catherine Chappell, Anja Packham, Lucy Edmonds, Vicky Kapo, Amanda Levy, Michele Powles, Tess Connell, Genevieve Connell, Steve Black, Scott McDowall, David Hall, Karen Bentley, Alyx Duncan.
SOUND Kwazzi
SOUND SYSTEM Nathan Kennerley
COSTUMES Asho Gevorgan, Michele Powles, Alyx Duncan, Carl Wanoa, Pedro Ilgenfritz