Instant Kiwi: believe it or not
Toyota Harmony, Solar, mpg - tvcs
Mazda3 Car Launch
MTS Bonus - tvc
REEL - Live Performance
New Idea - tvc
Ferrero Rochett - tvc
Bacardi Peach, Red, Limon, O - tvcs
Trial of the Cannibal Dog - opera
Nestlé Club Noir - tvc
Smiths Chips - tvc
Wrigleys - tvc
The Nature of Wishing
Macys - tvc
Cement - music video
Victory Arch - tvc
World of Wearable Art Awards
Buck it up - music video
The Garden
Midnight's Laughter
Whiz Kids - music video
Kahurangi Body Cartography Project
Strange Fruit
Raining Child
Re-vamped Virgins
Bone Flute Ivi Ivi
Bear solo

Choreography for TVCs, music videos and corporate events, live performance for theatre, performance installations. Alyx’s work is often in-situ rather than created for a proscenium arch stage environment.

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2012 CHOREOGRAPHY REEL - A choreographic reel for film in which Alyx has worked as a choreographer for directors including: Wade Shotter, Luke Savage, Mr Hide, Kezia Barnett, Nathan Price, Arni & Kinski, Andy Lambert, Melanie Bridge.CHOREOGRAPHER



Toyota Harmony, Solar, mpg - tvcs - Directed by Mr Hide, The Sweet Shop. With a cast of 150 adults and 23 children under 8 years.  choreography | selection of performers
Mazda3 Car Launch - A 360degree video and live performance produced by The Dub Module for an audience of 300.choreography | co-scripting
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2009 continued

MTS Bonus - tvc - A musical TVC for Russian phone company MTS, shot on the streets of NY with 90 dancers and 130 extras, directed by Kezia Barnett. A Sweet Shop, Director's Film Company and Bazelev co-production.choreography
REEL - Live Performance - This is a reel of live dance and installation performance work from 2003 - 2009.director | choreographer |performer
New Idea - tvc - A 60 tvc for New Idea Magazine, inspired by Björk's 'Oh so quiet' music video. Directed by Kezia Barnett and shot in Sydney.CHOREOGRAPHER


Settlement - Performer in co-devised work directed by Belgian choreographer Hans Van den Broeck in Wellington, NZperformer
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2008 continued

Ferrero Rochett - tvc - A TVC for Ferrero Rochett chocolate directed by Melanie Bridge, produced by The Sweet Shop.choreographer


Bacardi Peach, Red, Limon, O - tvcs - A series of TVCs for Bacardi directed by Melanie Bridge, produced by The Sweet Shop.choreographer
Trial of the Cannibal Dog - opera - An Opera directed by Christian Penny, composed by Mattew Suttor, written by John Downie. A development workshop of the opera prior to the NZ International Festival.choreographer
Nestlé Club Noir - tvc - A TVC for Nestlé Club Noir chocolate incorporating dancers in a speakeasy nighclub, directed by Kezia Barnett, produced by The Sweet Shop.choreographer
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2007 continued

Smiths Chips - tvc - A musical tvc for Smiths Chips with 150 characters/extras on a construction site at teh top of an inner city building. Directed by Andy Lambert.co-choreographer


Wrigleys - tvc - TVC incorporating traditional Japanese dancing and Indian dancing, directed by Kezia Barnett, made by The Sweet Shop.choreographer
The Nature of Wishing - An hour length dance performance for 5 dancers and 2 musicians performed at the St James Theatre in Auckland.CHOREOGRAPHER DIRECTOR
Macys - tvc - A series of three tvc for Macys fashion. Directed by Icelandic directors Arni and Kinski, line produced in NZ by Exile Films.choreographer
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Cement - music video - Music video for NZ band Good Shirt, Directed by Kezia Barnett.choreographer
Victory Arch - tvc - Hong Kong commercial incorporating 40 ballroom dancer/models directed by Melanie Bridge, made by The Sweet Shop.choreographer
World of Wearable Art Awards - The Montana* World of WearableArt™ (WOW®) Awards Show.character coach
Magpie Music Dance Company & Libella Fa - Performer in New Zealand concert series, Wellington and Auckland, with Netherlands based improvisation dance theatre company, directed by Katie Duck and Michael Schumacher.performer
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Buck it up - music video - Music video for NZ band Good Shirt directed by Kezia Barnett.choreographer
The Garden - Environmental work - created for 13 performers utilising burning branches, stilts, mask work and butoh imagery. Presented at Corban Estate as part of Scratch 'n Sniff Dance Shorts, Tempo dance festival.director choreographer
Midnight's Laughter - Environmental duet co-choreographed with Maria Dabrowska incorporating a live jazz band. Premiered for the Wellington Fringe Festival.co-choreographer | performer
Whiz Kids - music video - A comic book boy racer runaway adventure music video, directed by Kezia Barnett.choreographer
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2003 continued

Kahurangi Body Cartography Project - A dance film shot in Kuhurangi National Park, New Zealand.performer


Strange Fruit - Environmental duet - inspired by the groove of the 1930’s. Co-choreographed with Maria Dabrowska. Performed in an evening of performance at Carlisle House in Auckland.co-choreographer | performer
Raining Child - Solo work for Auckland Dance Festival performed as part of ‘Scratch and Sniff Dance Shorts’ at Cloud Nine, Titirangi.choreographer | performer
Move Me - Dance choreographed by Karen Barbour, Hamilton, NZ. A piece about personal and cultural identity.performer
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2002 continued

Re-vamped Virgins - Choreographed by Gabby New for 'Splore 'in Auckland, NZ. A Butoh based environmental workperformer
L'oreal Colour Trophy - A dance choreographed by Morag Brownlie, Auckland NZ.performer


Becoming Water - Butoh-inspired solo dance - performed in Zurich, Switzerland.director | performer
Tamani - Performer, national tour of schools and community performances with Guinean drummer/performer Mohammed Bangouraperformer
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Moana - Solo collaborating with live music, video projection and voice. Performed at Galatos in Auckland, New Zealandchoreographer | performer
Bone Flute Ivi Ivi - Performer in 'Bone Flute ivi ivi', performed at the Pacific Arts Festival in Noumea, the fuel festival in Hamilton and at the State Opera House in Wellington NZ. www.mau.co.nzperformer


Shedding Icarus - Twenty-minute dance with slide projections and video - for four dancers. Performed at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland.choreographer | performer


Bear solo - A movement study for a solo dancer, made as part of Alyx's Bachelor or Perfroming and Screen Arts. Based around the movement of a polar bear in captivity. Set within a small room that was once a cel at Carrington Hospital - now Unitec Institute of Technology.choreographer | performer